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Vanity Fair Style Portaits, Styled

Michelle from Melbourne:

Erin Kostopulos is professional, talented, inspiring and an absolute delight with the most infectious smile.

My daughter was recently photographed by Erin and from the moment we stepped into the studio Erin made us both feel welcome and comfortable.

Not only is Erin a very clever photographer but she is also an editing whizz.  No need to worry about the pimple that just produced itself that morning as it will be nowhere in sight on the finished product, unless you really want it to be of course.

Erin is a sweetheart who very obviously loves what she does and has a real passion for it.  She makes the client feel special from start to finish and by the end of the session you will feel like you’ve been friends for life. 

I highly recommend Erin, not only for her talent and professionalism, but also because she gets you so excited about what you are creating together and the whole process is just a wonderful experience.  You will be left with some beautiful photographs that you will treasure always and I no doubt you will want to return for more.

Chelsea from Melbourne:


I loved Erin's relaxed and friendly nature. She put me at ease straight away so I was able to enjoy the photo shoot from beginning to end. I'm so happy with the pictures and can't wait to use them for my business. Thank you Erin 😀

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Vanity Fair Style Portaits, Styled

Kaylene from Melbourne:


Today I viewed the results of the fabulously empowering and fun day I spent with Erin in celebration of my 60th. She understood me. She found me. The multifaceted often hidden parts of me. It reminded me who I am, reminded me why I am...... and sharing the viewing with my daughter opened a conversation with my daughter affirming me and loving who I am too.  Thank you Erin xxx