Why are Photographers so Expensive??

The thorn in EVERY photographer's side, "why are you SO expensive??" Well the truth is, we are not!

Let me start by telling you a story;

One day Leonardo Da Vinci was painting 30-second portraits in a market. A man walked up to Da Vinci and requested that he paint his portrait. Da Vinci then spent the next 30 seconds painting the man’s portrait. Upon completion the man was very happy with his portrait.

He removes his wallet from his pocket and goes to hand over $20. When he asks how much, Da Vinci replies $5000 please sir. To the mans disgust, he shouted at Da Vinci saying "how can you charge so much? It only took 30 seconds!!"

Da Vinci replied "Yes sir, even though it only took 30 seconds, it has taken me 20 years to learn to paint portraits within that time"