Adventurous, liberated Sagittarius, you’re the zodiac’s wild child. Like the storied Centaur who represents your sign, you’re half galloping horse, half philosophical human. Principled and unprejudiced, your arrows of truth pierce all veils of illusion. Blue topaz, a gemstone associated with leadership and communication, mirrors your courageous, candid spirit.


Sagittarius Zodiac Necklace Gold

  • Sun goes into Sagittarius:
    November 22nd - December 21st 

    Words that describe you:
    Optimistic, Curious, Independent and Honest

    Zodiac Birthstone:
    Blue Topaz – Wisdom, communication, love 

    Your Element: 


    Life Pursuit:
    Living a good life

    Sagittarius Secret Desire:
    Making a difference in the world

    Ruling Planet: 
    Jupiter - Expansion, Goodness

    • 18'' - Length
    • 14MM Round - Pendant
    • 18KT Gold Plated Brass

©2016 by Erin Kostopulos - Photographer - South Yarra