Day and night are equal when the Sun passes through the constellation of Libra—a sense of balance that you carry into the world. Rightly so, the Greek goddess Dike, who governed justice, is linked to your sign. You are here to promote peace and protect the delicate harmony of the universe. Heart-centered pink tourmaline is loving Libra’s stone. 

Libra Zodiac Necklace Gold

  • Sun goes into Libra:
    September 22ND - October 22ND 

    Words that describe you:
    Charming, Social, Free-spirited and Sincere

    Zodiac Birthstone:
    Pink Tourmaline- Stone of Inspiration

    Your Element: 

    Unsteady energy

    Life Pursuit:
    Being consistent

    Libra Secret Desire: 
    To live an easy and non-demanding life.

    Ruling Planet: 
    Venus - Beauty, Self Perspective

    • 18'' - Length
    • 14MM Round - Pendant
    • 18KT Gold Plated Brass

©2016 by Erin Kostopulos - Photographer - South Yarra