When we have the courage to stand in our authenticity, we are open to understanding the Universal truth. Blue lace agate beads manifest good fortune, courage and creativity; jade beads encourage protection, unity and understanding. Gold etched lotus flower beads, symbol of new beginnings, finish this mala,a traditional prayer necklace of 108 beads.

    Courageous Authenticity Agate Mala

    SKU: MGB-06-L30
      • Blue lace agate- good fortune, courage, creativity. White Jade- unity, protection, understanding
      • Lotus - new beginnings
      • 18kt gold plated over brass
      • 30" long
      • Silk tassel
      • Includes complimentary Satya Jewelry gift box

    ©2016 by Erin Kostopulos - Photographer - South Yarra