Capable Capricorn, you’re a born leader and provider. Your sign’s legend revolves around Amalthea, a mythological goat who protected Zeus as a baby. To reward her, he turned her horn into the “horn of plenty,” a fitting allegory for your abundant, care taking sign. Red Garnet, Capricorn’s stone, promotes popularity and buoys confidence—helpful tools as you take on (or take over) the world.

Capricorn Zodiac Necklace Gold

  • Sun goes Into Capricorn:
    December 22nd – January 20th 

    Words that describe you:
    Ambitious, Conscientious, Reliable and Patient

    Zodiac Birthstone:
    Garnet – Stone of Grounding

    Your Element: 

    Powerful energy

    Life Pursuit: 
    To be proud of self achievements

    Capricorn Secret Desire:
    Admiration from family, friends, and the world at large

    Ruling Planet:
    Saturn - Responsibility, Exploration


    • 18'' - Length
    • 14MM Round - Pendant
    • 18KT Gold Plated Brass

©2016 by Erin Kostopulos - Photographer - South Yarra