A little about me

Learn more about the woman behind the camera

My photographic journey began at a young age of 16,

I used film and developed photographs in the dark room.

My journey as a photographer continued as the Australian Ambassador for the Canon Collective over 5 years for Canon Australia.

I created events, from ideas, marketing and running the events themselves. These would include; sports photography, flash, studio, street, fashion, landscape, portrait, product and much more.


After deciding to take my extensive knowledge to branch out and run my own photography business, my passion took me to specialising in portraiture, as i love people. Following this, i discovered a love for weddings. Watching two people fall in love and i get to create life long memories for them


I look for my own inspiration, through travel, family, art and nature.

My promise to you, is to make you feel beautiful and express that through the beautiful memories we make, that will last a lifetime.


Erin xxxx